Connected Card Studio

Reinventing how Visa presents connected experiences to their clients through an immersive, storytelling platform.

The challenge:

How might we present an end-to-end user journey to our Visa Debit Processing Services issuer clients that would enable them to experience this through a cardholder's perspective?

The outcome:

An innovative, multi-media studio that not only visualized our digital strategy, showcased our human-centered design process, and shared our future vision, but also provided a venue for discussion and feedback with our Issuer clients.

My role:

I was the creative lead and oversaw the vision as well as execution of final deliverables. I was also the hands on designer, responsible for wall designs and the information architecture and interaction design for the prototypes.


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We started by collaborating with the Visa Debit Processing Services team to create a future vision for their issuer clients. The vision was comprised of existing moments, redesigned to change cardholder perception.

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We designed the room from the ground up. Every moment: From when someone entered the studio, 'til the moment they walked out, was carefully crafted.

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The cardholder's experience is one of a larger ecosystem of stakeholders. We looked at how to leverage the physical space to communicate the necessary content by juxtaposing related content with supporting artifacts near each other. Contextualizing these key moments with the necessary information made each area that much more impactful.