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eBay Sitewide Patterns & Standards

The Design Systems Group at eBay promoted end-to-end sitewide consistency through a library of common components, patterns, and guidelines.

The challenge:

How might we encourage the adoption of consistent, sitewide patterns and standards to promote a more consistent and predictable user experience?

The outcome:

Collaborations with other design teams to produce scalable patterns, which accommodated diverse set of needs, while still feeling like a consistent design language system.

My role:

I was assigned patterns by the creative lead, and worked within the existing design language system. From concept to execution, I was responsible for the development of a pattern.


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I started identifying where the pattern existed on eBay. I documented it's functionality, visual design, behavior, and any variations. For different instances of the same pattern, I'd learn the rationale behind why.

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Once the internal audit was complete, I turned my attention to external examples where the same pattern was implemented. I created a comprehensive inventory of external examples but also identified best practices which could ultimately inform how my pattern work evolved.

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Consistency and scalability went hand in hand. Designing consistent patterns meant unifying the existing variations without losing their existing functionality. It was a two pronged approach where we looked at both short term and long term solutions.

Final Delivery

Documentation of final pattern

Once a pattern has been finalized, reviewed, and approved, it's documented and made available for other designers and their teams to leverage. we would communicate it to the broader design community to promote adoption as well as gather any feedback which we might need to fold back into the design and update accordingly. The patterns themselves weren't set in stone either. We would revisit them to ensure they were the most modern expression and could scale to the various pages on eBay where they were used.

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