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Visa Gives

A hackathon project, which leveraged kiosk technology to encourage employee donations and promote company donation matching.


How might we leverage new payment methods, like mobile and wearable payments, to enable a more seamless and easy donations experience?


An internet connected kiosk, which can accept card, mobile, and wearables based payments, using an engaging on-screen experience.

Final delivery

Showcase at Visa's employee engagement event with live donations activated

We partnered with the Bay Area Red Cross, SF & Marin Food Bank, and Boys & Girls Club of San Francisco at Visa's employee engagement event. We activated the ability to make live donations to those organizations, and showed the impact of the user's donation being doubled thanks to Visa's donation matching policy.

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Communicate how the donations are being used to positively impact the lives of others in need

Beyond encouraging an employee to donate, we wanted to show them how their donation was being used to help others. There is a lifecycle to that donation, which I've found many of us would like transparency on. How is our money helping others? What sort of postive impact are we having on the lives of others whom we may most likely never meet? In the scoreboard, juxtaposing the donation amount made with what that donation purchased helped provide that transparency.

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